Thursday, April 22, 2010

West did the BC! Oh Snap!!!

So I, Mikki West, finally chopped off all of my relaxed ends. At first I was scared. No, terrified. But when she started cutting i felt liberated. It was so relieving to just have it all gone. So now I am officially all natural and rocking a TWA.
I also had to go to school today and everyone who saw  my hair was in shock. At first they didn't notice. Most of them thought my hair was pulled back, and then they actually looked at it and they were surprised. I actually had some people come up and touch my hair. It was funny. I didn't get many compliments, but I really don't care. A lot of guys liked it which was a shocker. Lol. Well thats all for today.

Oh and by the way. Here are some before and after  pictures : ):

 Those were all before. Now for some after. 


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